Glastonbury Property Solutions LLC —

A high energy, values-based real estate consulting firm specializing in change management. At GPS, we anticipate, understand, and meet the real estate needs of large corporations and governments around the globe, with an emphasis on managing critical, high intensity transitional periods like plant closings or new expansions with urgency and sensitivity.


Client Logos We offer best-in-class, confidential plant closing and site selection representation where on-the-ground intelligence and extreme discretion are mandatory. We represent, speak for, and reposition real estate for some of the world’s greatest companies with an understanding that real estate is a foundational platform for operational success. We believe property transitions can be efficient, elegant and without acrimony, when done correctly. We have an unparalleled track record working with, for, and around major companies experiencing profound real estate transitions, like plant closings, monetization, relocation, M&A, site selections, and expansions. We are a highly effective, results oriented firm whose success is measured one account at a time and based upon concrete, quantifiable metrics; and we deliver at record speeds.

Transitions —

Serving national and global organizations and governments, we manage all aspects of corporate real estate impacted by major corporate change characterized by significant dislocations or new expansion opportunities like:

Plant Closings, Monetizations & Divestiture:

  • Strategy development
  • Financial impacts
  • Environmental
  • Community relations
  • Communication
  • Equipment monetization
  • Real estate appraisal
  • Real estate brokerage and sale

Confidential, Global Site Selections for Expansion/Relocation  —

  • Strategy development
  • Criteria development
  • Incentives
  • Negotiations
  • Site selection
  • Site due diligence
  • Joint Venture identification and development
  • Communications

Acquisition Due Diligence —

  • Strategy development
  • Legal
  • Environmental
  • Negotiations
  • Survey
  • Title
  • Pro forma analysis and business case
  • Execution

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