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How to make APA citation to dissertation?

A list of references should be drawn upon the basis of state standards (GOSTs) in force in the Russian Federation, which relate to bibliographic records and descriptions, as well as regulate the design of bibliographic references. To include in the bibliography all, the sources used in the work is a prerequisite for paperwork or a thesis. How to issue a thesis in the list of references according to GOST can be found in the examples below.

The bibliographic description of the source is always carried out according to the rules detailed in GOST. These rules specify the order of bibliographic information, the composition of the elements of the description. This is necessary to identify or obtain the characteristics of the document.

The dissertation description includes the following areas:

title area – the main title consists of the author’s surname and initials and the dissertation topic;

in square brackets optional information about the material (text or electronic resource);

after the colon, additional information relating to the title is indicated: what is this dissertation, specialty, when it is defended, when approved, this information is optional;

a slash indicates the responsibility information, i.e. who made the greatest contribution to the creation of the document – the author of the thesis;

then “. -” point – dash, which means the end of the title area and the beginning of the publication area, there is indicated the city and year of protection

physical description – the number of pages;

standard number area – the international or inventory number of the dissertation may be indicated by a dash.

More detailed explanations on the design, placement of punctuation marks must be learned from the standard.

Examples APA citation dissertation

A reference refers to bibliographic information about a source that is cited or mentioned in the text of another document. In the case of exact quotation, the phrase is taken in quotes, and the reference to the source in the list of references or a direct link is placed next to it.

Inline links are placed in parentheses next to the quote. In the case of use of dissertation materials, the author, the name of the dissertation, information about the branch of science, the date of defense, place of defense is always indicated in them.

Example 1:

Author, I.I. Title. [Text]: dis. … Cand. ist Sciences: 07.00.02: it is protected 25.01.12: utv. 05/25/12 / Author Ivan Ivanovich. – M., 2012. – 220 p. – Bibliography: p.202-213. – 04200201565.

Example 2:

Author, I.V. Title [Text]: dis. … Cand. econ Sciences: 08.00.13: it is protected 10.02.14: utv. 06/21/14 / Author Igor Vladimirovich. – M., 2014. – 254 p. – Bibliogr .: pp.220-230. – 04200204433.