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Traditionally, the advantages and benefits of the Internet include the combination of three possibilities: a universal transmission medium, a publicly accessible repository of information and unique forms of communication. New sites, information services, electronic information resources on the Internet appear so quickly that they make it difficult to describe and link to them. Indicate the date of its creation or include an e-mail address as the most reliable means seems to us to be a reasonable and necessary element of competent design of a modern bibliography. In view of the existing and increasing need to include references to these sources both in the preparation of publications for foreign publications, consider the current foreign practice of electronic bibliographic references.

It should be noted that in the USA and other foreign countries there are various styles of links to sources of information that already include rules for electronic sources. The most common systems are the management of the APA (American Psychological Association) – in the social sciences and guidance, which are under discussion in terms of links to electronic resources.

Let us consider the design of the list of references to electronic sources, or APA citation dissertations of information (resources) in APA style, which are absent today in the domestic bibliographic apparatus, and discuss their possible combination with domestic systems.

Both bibliographic systems, as we know domestic rules and GOSTs, consist of two elements – the APA citation in the dissertations, and the list of sources at the end of the document. The difference in the citation in the text by APA and MLA systems is an indication of the name of the author (s) or the name of the document, organization, year of publication (not in MLA) and the page in parentheses. For example, (Wilkinson, 1998, 36) – APA style. In the bibliographic system most frequently used in domestic scientific texts, this is the sequence number of the source in the bibliographic list in square brackets. The logic of the rules for the design of electronic sources in the APA is interesting and justified; if necessary, links to inaccessible data, such as personal emails, limit their quoting only in the text indicating the date. For example, (personal communication, October 6, 1997) – despite the principle of the APA system: “not to provide data that cannot be verified” [Markel, 1998, p.285].