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Citing to other people’s dissertations and dissertation abstracts in the text of one’s own dissertation is possible and necessary since this demonstrates the knowledge of the applicant of a scientific degree in his area of ​​competence. However, it should be remembered that not all dissertations placed in the RSL are protected. Indeed, in the RSL or on the Internet one can find unprotected dissertations as well as dissertations with 100% plagiarism. So, it should be learnt by themselves how to cite a dissertation. Therefore, one should be very careful in using materials of dissertation research and not accept them as the ultimate truth.

Reference to dissertations and dissertation abstracts is necessary for accordance with the state standard – GOST R 7.0.5-2008 “BIBLIOGRAPHIC REFERENCE”: General requirements and rules for drafting, which entered into force on 01/01/2009. At the same time, links can be subscripts, taken down from the text of the document (in a footnote) – they are made out as a note, taken down from the text of the document and over the text, taken out of the text of the document or its part (in the callout). If the link is brought to a specific fragment of the text of the document, the reference number and the pages on which the object of the link is placed are indicated in the reference.

An example of over-text references to a dissertation abstract:

Researchers S.A. Dobrynin [1, p. 10] and L.E. Slutsky [2, p. 11] indicated the genesis of the family as a socio-economic institution.


1. Dobrynina O.A. The problem of creating a favorable socio-psychological climate of the family: (For comment workers-metallurgists): Author’s abstract. Dis. … Cand. Psychol. Sciences: 19.00.05; [Place of defense: God. Acad. ex. them. S. Ordzhonikidze]. – M., 1993. – 18 p.

2. Slutsky L.E. The development of small business in the modern Russian economy: author. diss. … Dr. Econ. Sciences: 08.00.01, 08.00.05. – M., 2001. – 53 p.

It is not recommended to quote (even in quotes) text screens – it is better to use paraphrases (rephrase the source text) with the obligatory reference to the thesis. For the abundant quoting of alien dissidents creates in readers (reviewers, opponents, expert commissions and members of the dissertation) the opinion that the dissertation work does not carry any original ideas and is not an independent scientific and qualification study. Therefore, it is better to find the articles of the dissertation scholars indicated at the end of the dissertation abstracts and quote them with reference.